Our services:

  • We get to know each lady personally

  • We will refer you to your desired candidate

  • We take care of your trip and your first meeting

  • We help you with visa matters

Welcome to dating site

Many German men have already come up with the idea of ​​looking for a Filipina in search of a loving and faithful partner. There are also a lot of websites where you can easily establish contact with profiles of beautiful women who embody exactly what you are looking for. But mostly these are free for Filipino women. The result is that many black sheep are on these websites that only want to tap into money or gifts. Also many men are not serious and write a high number of ladies.

Nobody can register with us without a check. We select the candidats and get to know them personally. In doing so, we decide to the best of our knowledge whether or not to include someone in our database.

We also offer the service to assist you with a first meeting. We are looking for cheap flights and good hotels near the lady or on request also in the most beautiful places of the island. We also help you with visa matters with our knowledge.

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What we offer:

 A large number of serious Filipinas

 Every woman was met by us personally

 All ladies with us have good English language skills

 You only pay once. If it doesn´t match, you get so many new contact details until you have found your dream woman

 We help you with your flight booking to the Philippines

 We support the Filipinas when applying for a visa

"If the good is not close, then you have to wander into the distance!"