The mentality of Filipinas

A Filipina as a friend is very different from a western partner. Of course, every woman is an individual being and has different traits. But culturally, there are some qualities that are attributed to the Filipinas. They are generally considered affectionate, loyal and kindhearted. Even dealing with children gives them great pleasure and if you are sick or otherwise have problems as a man, she does not give way. It is no coincidence that Filipinas are being sought as nurses all over the world.

Many people wonder that so many young Filipinas are in a relationship with older men. Especially since you have it in Germany is not used to it, it is often pushed on the money of the man. But it's not that easy. Filipinas want a man around taking care of his family. You are looking for security and would like to lead a carefree life. So if a man is good and loyal to her behold, she will love him, read him every wish from his lips and try to give him the best possible and carefree life. Appearance and age are secondary. You often hear, "Age is just a number."

There are many relationships between German men and Filipino women who work very well. But there are also examples of where they have failed. It is important that one understands his wife. Filipinas also know that the cultural differences are great. But they often regard their culture as the more important. If you do not know that, you will often be surprised by a reaction. Since they do not like to talk about problems, it may well be that the Filipino partner is insulted and does not want to say why. One needs one thing above all else: patience. In almost all cases she gets up with a smile on her face the next day and everything is as before.

The biggest difference is probably in the family. Since there are only a few retirement plans in the Philippines, many depend on their children. Many expect just daughters who are married to foreigners and therefore considered "rich", that they take responsibility and thus also costs for the family.  Everyone has to decide for themselves how to handle it. It is recommended to help a bit, but not to take advantage of it. It is important to know that everything is much cheaper in the Philippines. Especially in the countryside, you can build a house for a whole family for less than 20,000 euros. Therefore, the families are often helped, if you waived a visit to the restaurant and thus takes over the electricity bill. So if you are asking for sums that would hurt you, we recommend a conversation with your partner.

All in all, Filipinas are very loyal, loyal and kind-hearted partners, who like nothing more than a happy husband by their side, with whom they can raise their children.  Nevertheless, you have to know that you get involved in another culture and accept it. If you do not do that, you will have difficulty in the relationship.