Our Services

Dating Service

We want to convey you and not deal with them. Therefore, you will get the contact details of the lady of your choice for a one-time fee. Of course, your age must match the request of the potential partner before that. This will then become invisible to other customers on our site. If it does not work with her, you can continue on our site and choose another lady. We will then send you the new contact details for free and inform you of your previous flirt. This excludes contact with several potential partners on both men and women. They often get a new number for free, until they get to know the "right one". Without any additional costs.

Price dating service (one time): 299 €

Flight and hotel service

You met your dream partner and now you want to see her in person? But you do not know where to get the cheapest flights and do not want to be negatively surprised by your hotel? No problem! We will gladly arrange the flight and a hotel near your partner. You want to do a tour together? We are happy to help you too. We have years of experience and know where to find the best deals and which hotels you should avoid.

Preis Flug- und Hotelvermittlung: nach Anfrage

Visa service

Applying for a visa is not that easy. First of all, you have to get an appointment. This is much easier in Taiwan than in the Philippines. Then there is much to note. We will walk this path with you and determine together with you whether all prerequisites are met. Then we make sure that you have all the documents together. You will receive useful information and we will take care of the flight reservation, which is included in the price and is not binding for you. We will also send you all the necessary applications and help you to complete them if you so desire.

Price visa service Taiwan: 199 €

Price visa service Philippines (without appointment in embassy): 249 €

Preis visa service Philippines (with appointment in embassy): 399 €